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AMVETS Post 30 - Greenville


Meets Third Wednesday of the Month at 7 pm

Greenville Townhall

Phone: 920-585-0725

Email: rickv0612@yahoo.com

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AMVETS Facebook: Myron Palmbach

Subordinate Organizations


Post Commander

Rick Vesperman

Elected Officers

Elected OfficeIncumbentphoneemail
CommanderRick Vesperman920-585-0725rickv0612@yahoo.com
1st Vice
2nd ViceRory Kaddatz920-791-0707rkaddatz1@gmail.com
Judge AdvocateKimberly Craddock920-757-6142kacraddock@sbcglobal.net
AdjutantKimberly Craddock920-757-6142kacraddock@sbcglobal.net
ChaplainKimberly Craddock920-757-6142kacraddock@sbcglobal.net
Finance OfficerThomas Glass920-749-9676
QuartermasterThomas Glass920-749-9676
SEC REPKimberly Craddock920-757-6142kacraddock@sbcglobal.net
1 Year TrusteeJames Strong(920)882-1392jstrong001@new.rr.com
2nd Year TrusteeDennis Craddock920-757-6142doc-net@sbcglobal.net
3rd Year TrusteeRory Kaddatz920-791-0707rkaddatz1@gmail.com
Alternate SECRick Vesperman920-585-0725rickv0612@yahoo.com

AMVETS Post 30 Events

january, 2021

No Events


AMVETS Department of WI is Complying with Federal and State Regulations by Cancelling All Meetings or Moving them to Online Meetings