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WI Sons of AMVETS Due Dates

Elections and Change of Officers Forms

Elections should be held in May of each year and Change of Officers Forms need to be sent to the Department office 2 weeks prior to the State convention

Send form to:

Sons of AMVETS, Department of Wisconsin
3540 S. 111th StreetGreenfield, WI 53228

or email to wiamvetssons@gmail.com

Dues and Remittance Forms

Renewing Members:

All dues for the following year should be sent to the department no later than November 15th of the current year along with a check for $20 for each member renewing. Check amount equals ($20 times "Number of Members renewing")

New Members:

Fill out the application for membership form and send it to the Department along with a check for $20. Make sure the form is completely filled out.


AMVETS Department of WI is Complying with Federal and State Regulations by Cancelling All Meetings or Moving them to Online Meetings