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AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary of WI


We, the mothers, wives, widows, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, stepdaughters and granddaughters of the American Veteran and female veterans, fully realizing our responsibilities to the community, State and nation, associate ourselves for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to safeguard the principles of freedom, liberty and justice for all; to promote the cause of peace and good will among nations; to maintain inviolate the freedom of our country; to preserve the fundamentals of democracy and Americanism; to perpetuate the friendship and associations of the American Veteran and to dedicate ourselves to the cause of mutual assistance…this by the grace of God.

Aims and Purposes

The Aims and Purposes of this organization are as follows:

  1. To serve our country in peace as in war; to build and maintain the welfare of the United States of America toward lasting prosperity and peace for all its inhabitants.
  2. To encourage, in keeping with the policies of our Government, the establishment of a concrete plan to secure permanent international peace and to assist in the maintenance of international peace.
  3. To inspire in our membership a sense of responsibility and to develop leadership for the preservation of our American democratic way of life.
  4. To help unify divergent groups in the overall interest of American democracy.
  5. To train our youth to become purposeful citizens in a democracy with full knowledge of the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship.
  6. To cooperate with all duly recognized existing veteran's organizations in the furtherance of the aims of the American Veteran.
  7. To keep the public forever reminded that the American Veteran fought, served and died to preserve peace, liberty and democracy for their nation
  8. To aid in the fulfillment of the Aims and Purposes of the American Veteran, our parent organization.
  9. To promote the welfare and fellowship of our members and families.
  10. To expedite and assist in the rehabilitation of the veteran by sponsoring and giving support to educational opportunities, to recreational advantages, to hospitalization and personal problems, and to support the veteran in all legislation for veterans benefits.
  11. To recognize that the organization known as AMVETS, and chartered by Congressional action on July 23, 1947, is the parent organization, and that all organizational divisions of the Auxiliary exist solely to promote the interest of the parent body; therefore, they cannot act independently except as it favors the objectives of AMVETS.

Auxiliary Calendar

february, 2021

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AMVETS Department of WI is Complying with Federal and State Regulations by Cancelling All Meetings or Moving them to Online Meetings