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Jim Endres

October 14, 2020
AMVETS Auxiliary Chaplain, Jackie Rohde Received this Report:

We just wanted to update everyone on what is all going on with our family.  We waited until we had all of our results back so we could share.  September 29th my mom started not feeling well with what she thought was a chest cold.  It just kept progressing and by last week she knew she had pneumonia.  Mom scheduled her appointment and she went to the doctor.  They tested her for Covid and checked her vitals.  Her O2 levels were very low so mom took a ride in the ambulance to the ER.  They did chest x-rays and tested her again.  They didn't get the Covid results until Friday but mom was already extremely sick and her oxygen levels were not improving.  They called Friday morning and said she had Covid double pneumonia.  They had a plan but moms body couldn't keep up.  Friday afternoon into the evening talking with the ICU nurse we all thought things were going good but I got the call at about 11pm that at about 8pm moms body couldn't do it so the had to put her on a ventilator, sedation, life support and they paralyzed her body.  They needed my mom's body to not be in distress and to relax so this had to be done.  They tried a new thing called Prone position and that is to put mom on her stomach so the blood can get to her lungs and start helping to heal them. Mom responded really well to this and everything else they are throwing at her.  We talk to her and her heart rate goes up so we think that this is helping too!!  This morning they took the paralytic off and she did very well with this.  They lowered her sedation to see her brain function and gave her commands like wiggle your toes and a few others and she did really good!! Mom even opened her eyes a bit.  They are very pleased with how things are going for mom.  Please please please keep the prayers coming.  I will be updating this post on anything new on my mom.  It is just the easiest way right now.  Things are going to get a lot more hectic so we need easy right now.
Now dad...we had him tested on Friday after hitting dead end after dead end.  The first few days and many days to come was and will be very frustrating and we will work through it.  They didn't want to test dad because he didn't have any symptoms but a sweet case worker at the hospital finally helped us out.  We went through both Milwaukee and Green Bay VA clinics and we got NO HELP!  Then we tried talking to another social worker at the hospital and got no where but she did reach out to this case worker and found someone to help us out!!  Talk about frustrating that would seriously be an understatement!  This is impossible!!  We finally have my dad's full-time caregiver back but she was gone for over 2 weeks with also being sick and we had to have our part-time caregiver filling in a lot more to help us out and she was just as sick!  But there is one care that we can't do and my mom and the 2 caregivers are the only ones that can so we needed help.  Like I said the VA was no help and wouldn't get us any help.  We are extremely lucky to have these 2 ladies care so much about my parents.  I just pray our part-time caregiver gets better very soon.  So his call came in tonight and unfortunately dad is positive.  We have a few dedicated people that are in the house and staying with dad and quarantining themselves.  They both tested negative but will be going back in to get tested again.  So right now with dad we are really watching him close.  Checking his temp, blood pressure and heart rate along with signs that he shows us when he is in distress or getting sick.  So far no symptoms so again asking for many many prayers for my dad too so he stays healthy.  Also prayers for our caregivers that they stay healthy and get healthy.  We are all chipping in different ways to keep mom and dad's household together.  It's a good thing we are all good at what we do so we can divide and conquer.  The grandkids are amazing and such good helpers too!!
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us to see how everyone is doing or has brought food, drinks and desserts we really appreciate it!! Also thank you for all of the prayers.  The doctor said this is going to be a very long road for mom so please keep praying for her because they are helping!  We apologize if we missed anyone who has reached out we are trying to get back to everyone.  Stayed tuned to this post I will be updating everything here.  It takes a long time to see any change on my mom's lungs so really this is all a waiting game. We put it into God's hands and pray that his will is to bring my mom back to us.  She is stubborn and so strong we know she has the fight in her!!  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts
Cheryl Marie Rataichek

Jim Endres

October 11, 2020
AMVETS Auxiliary Chaplain, Jackie Rohde Reported:

PDP Emily Rataicheck has Covid double pneumonia and is in the hospital on a ventilator.  This news came from Sandy Conradt. Please pray for her and her family. 


Jim Endres

May 10, 2020
Candy Endres Reported:

Jim has had his last radiation on his spine appointment today, one more visit next week and we will be done with appointments for a month. Next week they will talk about his kidneys, thanks for all the cards and prayers, he still needs prayers, thanks again


Ralph Beck

April 22, 2020
AMVETS Auxiliary Chaplain Jackie Rohde Reported:

6 days ago he had another shunt put in and came through his surgery great. He should be home recovering.


April 9, 2020
AMVETS Chaplain Stu Kohlin Reported:

Ralph Beck is hospitalized due to stroke. Ralph is responsive and talking on the phone with Lynne.

Cards sent to his house.
1500 S. Webster
Omro, WI 54963.

Jim Ruppel

AMVETS Auxiliary Chaplain Jackie Rohde Reported:

After being in the hospital since Feb 11th, other than a short stint of less than 6 hrs in a rehab center that resulted in Jim falling, all his tubes coming out and a trip back to the emergency department at Froedtert, Jim is now at the Union Grove Veterans home. It has been a long recover, he still has a long way to go, but he is happy to be standing (with support) on his good leg. Jim has a no weight restriction on his right leg.

Marvell expresses her thanks for all your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for PDC Jim Ruppel.

Jim Endres

April 21, 2020
PDC Dale Peterson Reported:

Jim Endres was taken to the hospital by ambulance this afternoon, he has been really sick recently and unable to get out of bed. We will pass on further information as we receive it.

Cards can be sent to

Jim Endres
5331 N 107th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225.


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